Monday, 29 February 2016

What are The Worst Things About Medical Colleges in Bangalore?

There are some things you have to deal while you are studying in medical colleges in Bangalore. They are only engaged in faking the facilities and flouting the medical facilities of Indian norms which only affects the quality of education. Students also faced problems of Infrastructure, corruption, examination system, lack of sanitation and hygiene and unreasonably high fees.

Some Key Points are given below:

Low and Poor Infrastructure
Medical colleges of Bangalore whether they are private or government don’t have enough specimens in their museum. They don’t have enough reagents to see the reaction and slides to be shown. There is something which will happen only in government medical colleges in Bangalore like if microscopes are broken in your labs then don’t expect them to repair till one semester.

Unreasonable Tuition Fees in Private Colleges
The fee of medical colleges in Bangalore is around about 10 lakhs per annum which is not according to the curriculum of the colleges. Colleges are demanding too much from the students. So in my opinion you have to choose best medical college of Bangalore such as Bangalore Medical College, Dr. BR Ambedkar College and St. Jones Medical College etc. for pursuing MBBS. 

Extreme Corruption
In the present era medical education is plagued with fraud. Students, who don’t know anything like they don’t differentiate between liver and kidney, don’t know how a spleen looks like. Instead of all this these types of students are selected on the basis of donations political, background and many other sources of corruption. There should be a specific rule for the selection of candidates for the admissions to the MBA program.

Examination System
From the facts it is not easy to revolutionize medical curriculum in India. In the worst medical colleges in Bangalore examination system forces us to follow the path of rote learning as we are pressurize on theory rather than practical and clinical exposure. In the clinics, main motive of an individual is to strive to actually learn the 'skills'. Best medical colleges in Bangalore offered you best education facilities.

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