Thursday, 31 December 2015

Scope of MBA in International Business from Pune University

MBA in International Business is a postgraduate programme during which students are provided sufficient knowledge and training in international business. This degree is designed for the development of resources and capability of the managers globally. As international business program offers interesting carrier opportunities so it becomes an attractive carrier option for many management students.

If you are pursuing MBA in international business for the top colleges in Pune then you have bright future in international and transnational corporations. Now a day, every company is looking to adopt the money-making technique to expand itself in International market. In this present era of competition everyone is trying to adopt the money-making technique. Each and every reputed industry and organization are for the Graduates in “International Business” from the top colleges and universities in Pune to represent their company with sound and practical knowledge.

Professionals in international business from top universities in Pune are hired by topmost and reputed organizations involved in import export specially export houses, merchandisers, International finance, directorate general of foreign trade, state trading corporations, marine insurance companies, BPO involved in export import business, logistics companies, ports, directorate general of foreign trade, dry ports, special economic zones, shipping corporations, foreign exchange services, export marketing firms, customer relationship management, marine insurance companies.

Following carrier opportunities are for International business students:

International Trade Careers: If you are MBA graduate from top college in Pune then you can chose you carrier related to importers and exporters in the field of international trade. If you are inexperienced then international trade is a good entry-level option. You can start as the domestic importer and exporter and after that you can switch to an international role.

Financial Manager Careers: Those who are currently working in international financial management can create investment or cash management strategies for the reputed organizations. There is wide scope in financial management which includes controller and finance officer and insurance manager. To prepare you for these reputed positions, top universities in Pune offer international finance courses along with their MBA curriculum.

Information Technology Project Manager Careers: If you are choosing carrier as IT project manager then you have to join MBA program offering dual emphasis on international business and information technology. As an IT project manager, your focus should be on the budgeting and implementation of an organization's IT use.

Entrepreneur Careers: If you want to start a carrier as an entrepreneur after completing your MBA program in international business principles then you must have an idea for the new product or service than can be served globally. In the top colleges in Pune various programs are also offered designed to teach international entrepreneurship. You will have the big opportunity to learn to identify strategies and risks which an entrepreneur is going to face in the global business economy.

Management Analyst Careers: If you are looking for a carrier as management analyst after completing MBA in international business from the top colleges in Pune then you must know how to streamline operations and increase profits of organizations. During the MBA program you will learn how to help your business.

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Why Should You Go For MBA in Greater Noida?

Before saying much about Greater Noida, let us first understand what people actually think about MBA.

The two year of MBA programme is considered as an amazing aspect of life when asked by successful executives. Most of the time people think that after completion of MBA they will be getting a bigger paycheck. This is not true; the really big paycheck comes after a period of 10 or 20 years from working. Studying MBA is actually a kind of investment in which one is making himself skilled so as to make future decisions with logic and knowledge. The course is not all about money or getting a better job. It is about gaining and learning. The value of a decision cannot be calculated on bucks. If one is more passionate and wants to grow in life then MBA is definitely for him.

During MBA or PGDM in Greater Noida, you will be taught by the most qualified professors about such business concepts which can be applied not only in professional sphere but also in personal life. Here you will gain decision-making ability that will be a big help for today and for the future. The faculty is always ready to clear every doubt and there will be a good campus with classmates who understand you well and you understand them too. Another factor that makes pursuing MBA from Greater Noida feasible is that the business schools here are frequently visited by their successful alumni. The alumni are professional executives and even a short discussion with them guides the students better than any other factor. Another thing which is common in this place is visits from top companies themselves. Because of good infrastructure, road links and easy accessibility to the country’s capital Delhi, Greater Noida has a huge no. of companies that are setting up or already had set-up. The MBA colleges invite many of these companies in their campus. Their corporates share some of their experience, problems, and solutions which in turn prove beneficial to students. The representative of company hire skilled graduates in large numbers and even before the student completes final year of PG.

Colleges of Greater Noida (offering Master of Business Administration and Post-Graduation Diploma in Management) are the centers of great teaching which make their students skillful, knowledgeable and prepare them to take future decisions.

The list of top colleges in Gr. Noida offering MBA, PGDM and PGPM programmes are listed below:

The colleges of Gr. Noida offer on-campus study but few also offer distant learning. Apart from this, all the colleges here are either AICTE or UGC approved. Some of the institutions may require CAT/MAT/GMAT score cards before giving admission, but few conduct their own screening test for selecting candidates.

The MBA and PG diploma programs offered by the institutions in Gr. Noida are:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management
  • MBA in Financial Management
  • MBA in IT Management
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Infrastructure Management
  • MBA in Biotech Management
  • MBA in Family Business
  • Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) in IT Management
  • PGPM in General Management
  • PGPM in Biotech Management
  • PGPM in Infrastructure Management
  • PGPM in Human Resources (HR)
  • PGPM in International Business
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management 
  • Post Graduate Program in Management in Financial Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in IT Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Biotech Management
  • Executive MBA (EMBA)

MBA or PGDM in greater Noida will give you a chance to

  • Stop and reflect on immense business issues
  • Make some lifelong buddies who will accomplish great things in their business careers
  • Realize how little you know about the world
  • Learn how to get serious work tension and overcome them together in a team of Type-A personalities
  • Know about the global economy too and not just your tiny world where you work
  • Interact with really challenging Professionals
  • Listen to college alumni who are accomplished executives
  • Rebuilt yourself
  • Learn how to manage people
  • Learn the way a professional speaks without hesitation in any environment
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Monday, 7 December 2015

Future Of An MBBS Doctor From A Private Medical College

MBBS is a very popular course in India, but sadly saying not affordable. Private MBBS colleges generally charges very high tuition fee, minimum 3.75 lakhs to 8 lakh, on top of donations. There are about 6000 medical students in 44 medical institutions of Maharashtra and out of these institutions 25 are private medical colleges. The medical institutions in Maharashtra are well known for giving the country skilled and diligent doctors.

It does not matter if the MBBS degree is from a private or a government college. The future depends on how you study and where you want to go i.e. what is your field of interest that decides you future. This life will give you plenty of option and numerous ways to choose you future.

Let us see few of the many options that one can try after completion of MBBS.

Start Working: You can stay in your own town and open your own clinic. You can also apply for some one’s family doctor. You could be hired in schools, colleges or other institutions.

Study and Earn Together: Though you can skip the above step and apply for a Post-graduation. Duration of PG course as you know, depending upon the field of your interest. In PG you will be going to a hospital for study, where working hours may be long and you will learn as well as earn a good sum of money side by side.

Move Abroad: If you are not tempted by the above-mentioned advises, then you can prepare for foreign medical exams and move out of the country, practice and continue your specializations abroad.

Something Not Advised: Going abroad is definitely not recommended because the country has a shortage of doctors. We need more doctors for our continuously growing population.

Following The Trend: You could be a part of the flowing river too. What is meant by this is that you can take up a job in any medical college, be a medical teacher and start preparing doctors like yourself.

If you have just started your medical studies, then get all your concentration in your studies and don’t bother about the future. It is not the right time to think until you reach the 4th year.

There is a stigma that the students of private medical colleges in Maharashtra are behind their counterparts of government colleges. But this is not true; we must accept that the students from private medical colleges are doing wonders. Among the PG exam crackers, the top students are always from a private medical background. The only thing that matters in the medical profession is the depth of your knowledge, understanding and grasping power.

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Saturday, 5 December 2015

10 Things You Should Know Before Joining a Hotel Management College

You have to be careful while taking admission in Hotel Management institutes. Following points must be kept in mind before selecting an institute to pursue hotel management studies: 

1. Research About The College
A research about the college is very important. You can obtain the best information by navigating to the website of the hotel management college. All important information regarding the location, culture and various other fields can be obtained from here.

2. Explore The College Departments
While going through the website, be on the lookout for tabs for both ‘prospective future students’ and ‘current students’. There's usually much better information for those already at the college than for those thinking they might like to go there.

3. Search The Admissions Area
Here you'll find out essential matters about the admissions requirements, application procedures, deadlines, and that all-important info about financial aid. You'll be able to guess if you can get in and, once in, whether you'll be able to afford the stay. 

4. Extra Curriculum Activities in College
Take a peek at the special programs at the college—for example, the first-year experience (FYE) course or freshman seminar, the honors college, the study-abroad program, and any community service ("service learning") and internship opportunities. These differ widely from college to college and can be a good gauge of the mission and focus of the college, as well as of how much one has to shed on such programs. 

5. Remember The Requirements 
Many colleges have a number of courses that you are required to take—sometimes called core courses or general education (gen.ed.) requirements. And if that weren't enough, there are distribution requirements—different areas of study (for example, humanities, social science, science, etc.) in which you have to take a specified number of classes. 

6. Check Out The Majors
If you have a field you think you'd like to learn about, it's important to check to see that the college actually teaches that area. You'd be amazed at how often some hapless student arrives at college only to find that it doesn't have the major he or she had planned on taking. 

7. Cruise The Course Schedule
Colleges have two kinds of listings for the courses taught. One is the course catalog, which lists every possible course offered at the school—a sort of history of all courses that have ever been taught. The other is the course schedule, a listing of the courses actually offered in a given semester. Concentrate on the course schedule. 

8. Assess The Atmosphere
Search for information or videos on internet that will give you a pretty good idea of the resources and facilities offered by the college. Look out for images of the infrastructure of the college like the buildings, labs, student center, stadiums, lawns, and food court etc. 

9. Go Clubbing
It's always nice to see the kinds of student clubs a college has. You might just be dying to join the club. And, even if you don't want to join in on the fun, the information will give you a better insight on what's going on at the school and what the students are like. 

10. Start The Conversation
Make a note of any questions that occur to you while surfing the website, then E-mail them to the appropriate office—admissions, financial aid, the undergraduate adviser in a particular department, or even an individual professor. Many university-folks are eager to reach out to potential students, and if no one answers your E-mail—well, that's a fact, too, about that school. 

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Executive MBA Variations in IIM and Non-IIM Colleges in Ahmedabad

The Executive MBA is a course of one year and some programmes may be 6 months more in some disciplines. The course specifically targets executives and managers of corporate sector. Every year, a large number students from India, even from outside India, look forward to taking admission in this program.

IIM Ahmedabad is among the top business schools in the world. The institute brings together and nurtures talented great minds and educates the future leaders of successful enterprises. The institute has been active from the last 5 decades and is now among the top B-Schools. The Economist ranked IIMA as no. 1 School in the world on the basis of opening up new career prospects for students and ranked 2nd when compared on the basis of career progression of its alumni.

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM is the top MBA College in Ahmedabad. The institute offers many executive programmes such as residential and non-residential courses. The fee of residential programs is higher as compared to non-residential programmes. IIMA every year gives a placement record of 100%. This institute also takes part in the student exchange program and has partnership with 60 institutions located in 26 countries.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The CAT is conducted to take admission in IIMA‘s MBA program.
  • The applicants below 80 percent in matriculate and intermediate and less than 78 percent in graduation are not eligible for this course.
  • Candidates must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized university
  • Candidates must have a minimum work experience between 2 and 10 years.
  • The candidate must be 27 years of age or above.

Admission Procedure:

CAT (Common Admission Test) is conducted every year for the purpose of selecting the best candidates for the MBA programmes offered at IIMs. This year an important change has been made i.e. the cutoff of graduation has been removed from the eligibility. However other rules are same. The CAT exam has the selection ratio of 1 from 100 and thus only 1% of candidates who have applied are selected. Let us have a look at IIM Ahmedabad Admission Criteria for CAT

  • The first level of shortlisting to be done based on CAT 2015 Score 
  • Calculation of Application Rating (AR) for every candidate who qualified above step
  • Application Rating Score: AR= (A+B+C) Normalized AR score of an applicant is equal to his/her AR scores divided by average of the top 50 AR scores from the applicants’ pool
  • Step 3 includes Shortlisting for WAT PI Round – Two Types – One for Exceptional performers, other one for rest of the students
  • First Type of Shortlisting (Only for Exceptional Performers) 
  • Second Type of Shortlisting (For non-exceptional performers)
  • Final Selection

The numbers selected in different categories will be in proportions given by government and mandated by law.

The FCS of a candidate who appears in AWT & PI will be computed as follows:

FCS = 0.40 (Normalized PI Score) + 0.10 (Normalized AWT Score) + 0.5 (CS).

IIM Ahmedabad Fee:

The fees and other related charges that a selected student has to pay is approximately Rs.8.88 lacks (excluding Laptop computer, personal expenses on boarding, travel, clothes and laundry).

NON-IIM Colleges in Ahmedabad

Apart from IIM, Ahmedabad also has a number of other institutions that offer executive MBA course at an affordable cost and most of them do not demand any aptitude test to pass.

Some of the prominent institutions of Ahmedabad are mention below:

  • Venkateshwara Open University (VOU), Ahmedabad
  • Wisdom School of Management
  • Indian School of Business Management & Administration, Ahmedabad
  • Optimist Institute (OI)
  • Karnataka State Open University (KSOU)

The above mentioned universities came up with the aim of focusing on the disciplines of marketing, accounting and finance and gave platforms of growth to the future business leaders.

The non-IIMs of Ahmedabad offer the course with duration of one year and provide PG degree after its completion. In come case the duration may extent to 6 more months because of projects and external study tasks. All these institutions are recognized by AICTE, UGC or DEC and few are affiliated from other universities like Jaipur national university.

Eligibility Criteria:

All the Non-IIMs follow the same eligibility rule. They ask for:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or equivalent
  • An experience of 2 to 5 years and/or diploma

Admission Procedure:

Candidate seeking admission must first decide the preferred Non-IIM University and then go to the respective university’s websites to apply online.

Non- IIM Ahmedabad Fee:

The fee structure of Non- IIMs are definitely less than IIM but varies with the university. It ranges from INR 28,000 to INR 150,000 per year. For complete details, the candidate should go to the official websites of the particular university.

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