Monday, 7 December 2015

Future Of An MBBS Doctor From A Private Medical College

MBBS is a very popular course in India, but sadly saying not affordable. Private MBBS colleges generally charges very high tuition fee, minimum 3.75 lakhs to 8 lakh, on top of donations. There are about 6000 medical students in 44 medical institutions of Maharashtra and out of these institutions 25 are private medical colleges. The medical institutions in Maharashtra are well known for giving the country skilled and diligent doctors.

It does not matter if the MBBS degree is from a private or a government college. The future depends on how you study and where you want to go i.e. what is your field of interest that decides you future. This life will give you plenty of option and numerous ways to choose you future.

Let us see few of the many options that one can try after completion of MBBS.

Start Working: You can stay in your own town and open your own clinic. You can also apply for some one’s family doctor. You could be hired in schools, colleges or other institutions.

Study and Earn Together: Though you can skip the above step and apply for a Post-graduation. Duration of PG course as you know, depending upon the field of your interest. In PG you will be going to a hospital for study, where working hours may be long and you will learn as well as earn a good sum of money side by side.

Move Abroad: If you are not tempted by the above-mentioned advises, then you can prepare for foreign medical exams and move out of the country, practice and continue your specializations abroad.

Something Not Advised: Going abroad is definitely not recommended because the country has a shortage of doctors. We need more doctors for our continuously growing population.

Following The Trend: You could be a part of the flowing river too. What is meant by this is that you can take up a job in any medical college, be a medical teacher and start preparing doctors like yourself.

If you have just started your medical studies, then get all your concentration in your studies and don’t bother about the future. It is not the right time to think until you reach the 4th year.

There is a stigma that the students of private medical colleges in Maharashtra are behind their counterparts of government colleges. But this is not true; we must accept that the students from private medical colleges are doing wonders. Among the PG exam crackers, the top students are always from a private medical background. The only thing that matters in the medical profession is the depth of your knowledge, understanding and grasping power.

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