Saturday, 5 December 2015

10 Things You Should Know Before Joining a Hotel Management College

You have to be careful while taking admission in Hotel Management institutes. Following points must be kept in mind before selecting an institute to pursue hotel management studies: 

1. Research About The College
A research about the college is very important. You can obtain the best information by navigating to the website of the hotel management college. All important information regarding the location, culture and various other fields can be obtained from here.

2. Explore The College Departments
While going through the website, be on the lookout for tabs for both ‘prospective future students’ and ‘current students’. There's usually much better information for those already at the college than for those thinking they might like to go there.

3. Search The Admissions Area
Here you'll find out essential matters about the admissions requirements, application procedures, deadlines, and that all-important info about financial aid. You'll be able to guess if you can get in and, once in, whether you'll be able to afford the stay. 

4. Extra Curriculum Activities in College
Take a peek at the special programs at the college—for example, the first-year experience (FYE) course or freshman seminar, the honors college, the study-abroad program, and any community service ("service learning") and internship opportunities. These differ widely from college to college and can be a good gauge of the mission and focus of the college, as well as of how much one has to shed on such programs. 

5. Remember The Requirements 
Many colleges have a number of courses that you are required to take—sometimes called core courses or general education (gen.ed.) requirements. And if that weren't enough, there are distribution requirements—different areas of study (for example, humanities, social science, science, etc.) in which you have to take a specified number of classes. 

6. Check Out The Majors
If you have a field you think you'd like to learn about, it's important to check to see that the college actually teaches that area. You'd be amazed at how often some hapless student arrives at college only to find that it doesn't have the major he or she had planned on taking. 

7. Cruise The Course Schedule
Colleges have two kinds of listings for the courses taught. One is the course catalog, which lists every possible course offered at the school—a sort of history of all courses that have ever been taught. The other is the course schedule, a listing of the courses actually offered in a given semester. Concentrate on the course schedule. 

8. Assess The Atmosphere
Search for information or videos on internet that will give you a pretty good idea of the resources and facilities offered by the college. Look out for images of the infrastructure of the college like the buildings, labs, student center, stadiums, lawns, and food court etc. 

9. Go Clubbing
It's always nice to see the kinds of student clubs a college has. You might just be dying to join the club. And, even if you don't want to join in on the fun, the information will give you a better insight on what's going on at the school and what the students are like. 

10. Start The Conversation
Make a note of any questions that occur to you while surfing the website, then E-mail them to the appropriate office—admissions, financial aid, the undergraduate adviser in a particular department, or even an individual professor. Many university-folks are eager to reach out to potential students, and if no one answers your E-mail—well, that's a fact, too, about that school. 

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