Friday, 27 May 2016

5 Things to Consider While Choosing an Engineering Institute

Students who have just finished their 10+2 and want to take admission in a good engineering college are seen with a confused look on their faces. It is like a new chapter which will open in their life, the beginning of new friendships and opportunities for professional growth.  A lot of questions are troubling their mind like which Top Engineering College in India to select and which college is the best for them. Here are some factors that must be considered while selecting a good engineering college:

Infrastructure of the College:

While selecting an Engineering College one must see that the Infrastructure of the College is good. Infrastructure does not mean only the outward appearance of the also means that the college has a sufficient number of computers, a well-equipped library and internet facility. If you are an outsider who is taking admission you should check that the college has a good hostel. The Engineering College should also have a good canteen, mess and the medical and sports facilities of the college should also be good.

Placement Record of the College:

While selecting an engineering college the placement factor should be kept in mind that how many companies visited the college campus for requirements. Which type of company recruited students in large quantity and what is the total number of students placed in the companies every year. To choose a college with active and influential placement cell is important for students who want to excel in the technical or management field.

University affiliation and Accreditation:

While selecting an Engineering College it is necessary to know that the college is affiliated with which University and provides the degree of which University.

Specializations Offered:

While selecting an Engineering college one has to careful about the courses the colleges are offering. Students these days evaluate the different courses on the basis of quality of placement they are likely to get after the completion of their studies. Career options in Engineering are many like Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical engineering, environmental engineering, Bio-medical Engineering and many more. These courses prepare the students and train them in such a way that they get good placement in the well-known companies all over the world.

Personal Interests and Goals:

Our personal interests play an important role in the selection of a good Engineering college for us. Whether we are interested in car designing, mobiles, high rise buildings or abstract thinking. Selection of the college according to our interests will also help us to prepare ourselves for a good job. While selecting an Engineering College you should be careful that the college should be such that would help you to achieve your goals. We should always define our goals while selecting a college for us. The goals can be like whether you want to opt for a high salaried job or start your own business. What is our main motive to earn money or go for a government job? If we are interested to select abroad then the IIT related engineering streams would suit us more.

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