Monday, 19 October 2015

How Can You Make Yourself Employable in 4 Years of Engineering?

Thousands of students are graduating as engineers in India, but a sizable proportion among them don’t find jobs or are employed outside their core stream. Making a decision to go for engineering is a very wise decision but there are also very high chances of things going south if you do not make yourself employable between those 4 years. This passage enlists effective and simple tips with you can make yourself employable and get closer to a dream job after 4 years of engineering. 

1. Right Selection of Engineering College

It’s very hard to select the right institute or college but this is a very important determinant that will hugely impact on your employ ability skills. You have to choose the right college carefully after clearing engineering entrance exams. There are so many top engineering colleges in India. You can start exploring the right institute or college by

  • Learning more about the engineering colleges and the reputation and facilities offered by the college.
  • Answer questions to find what is more important to you.
  • Try to get valuable advice from college educators and students.

2. Brush Up The Skills
Always remember that every organization wants a right candidate for the right job, and current organizations are looking for the people who hold the critical thinking and problem solving capabilities. Becoming a good team player is a necessary talent that one must possess to lead teams.

3. Learning

Learning is all about wanting to learn newer things and acquiring modifying, reinforcing, existing knowledge etc. It's also about being able to take on new tasks and to develop or improve your learning skills.
These are some of the ways through which you can improve your learning capacity:

  • Join online courses
  • Try to do some research into learning skills 

4. Get involved in Extra-Curricular Activities 

Involvement in extra-curricular activities on your resume will put you ahead among others in a job interview. Your exploration of different subjects, language and other activities will help you to grab a job easily.

  • Get involved in various extra-curricular activities that will help you to improve your soft skills as well as team building skills.
  • Sports clubs and other social activities will help you to improve your leadership skills that are transferable to the business world.
  • Taking part in activities is best way to become more self-confident and overcome shyness.

5. Judgment Skills

Choosing a carrier is the most important decision for college students. Knowing the benefits of the course, your strengths and the skills you have possess will help you extremely in making a decision. Development of decision making skills is very important as organizations are in search of individuals who have exceptional decision making skills and can lead cross-functional teams effectively.
Here are some important tips that can help to take a decision:

  • Availability of jobs
  • Your talent and employ ability strength
  • Work environment

These are the major areas where you need to focus to make yourself employable by the end of four years of engineering.

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